Send a Cow gave a cow to Mary Kabiito, Director of Kakunyu School. Mulungi – meaning ‘Beautiful’, and my word, she is – provides full cream milk as well as poo and wee, ALL of which is fully used.

  • Her milk is used to give every child a mugful of creamy porridge every school day. As most of them don’t have anything to eat before coming to school, this means they get at least one good meal every day.
  • Her wee is sprayed onto the banana trees to keep the Banana Fly away.
  • Her poo is fed into an extraordinary biogas system which powers a light and a gas ring.

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Eyejusters Ltd, based in Oxford, was founded to create amazing adjustable glasses for the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who have poor vision. They create affordable, innovative and stylish adjustable glasses for everyone.

Eyejusters donated 50 pairs of their amazing glasses to Kakunyu School when we visisted the school in October 2013. They were the basis of ‘Eye Tuesday’ and it is wonderful watching people react to being able to see perfectly, thanks to these adjustable glasses. You can see some pictures from Eye Tuesday at Kakunyu School on the Eyejusters website at

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