Physiotherapy block finished!

Goodness what a difference 6 months make! The amazing physiotherapy block is now finished and open for business. Situated Down, where the boarders live, the new building has a working shower (with the very first shower head in the village) and sink as well as a large, clean floor space. It’ll be a great place to undertake physiotherapy with the disabled students, but will also be used as a dining room for all the children; as a common room for the boarders in the evenings; and as a classroom during the day. It’s entirely guttered, with the gutters leading to a huge watertank which supplies the shower and sink, so is pretty much self-sufficient.

Neil and Kate Miller’s extraordinarily-generous donation also enabled the school to build a wall round the perimeter of the Down compound, so now everyone and everything is kept safe and secure within that wall. And is if that weren’t enough – there’s now a clean, locked garage for the Airtel car (previously kept 7 miles away in Masaka) and the boda-boda, so they’re secure as well as instantly accessible.  Check out the photos and be in awe!