Kakunyu School celebrates 9 years

What a journey it has been to reach the photo below, taken in November last year!

FroKS recently received the Headteacher’s monthly report for the start of the new academic year. He said how proud he was of the Primary 7 students who had left the school in December 2018. Fifteen students who have successfully completed their Primary Education due to the expertise of the teachers and school management. The Trustees are in no doubt that at least thirteen of these children would probably not have achieved anything like this if Kakunyu School had not been established.

 A few of these children will move on to Secondary school, but the majority will not. The achievement of completing their Primary Education and passing their PLE (Public Leaving Exams) will give all these children a really good head-start into life in rural Uganda. One of our students (Gertrude) was awarded a scholarship to attend a Secondary boarding school some distance from Kakunyu. She will join another of our ex-students (Solivia) who was awarded a scholarship there last year. Both of these inspiring girls are hoping to become doctors – let’s hope they achieve this!,

 The report goes on to talk about the 122 students who have returned or started at the school in the new academic year, and of the 13 school staff and 3 support staff who work so hard to make sure things run smoothly. Of course, we still have lots of challenges and problems to solve but we just wanted to say a sincere thank you to everyone who has walked with us and supported us in so many different ways on this journey.