Fish (and soap, coffee, mushrooms and chickens) come to Kakunyu

fish pond Kakunyu

Digging the fish pond

Amir, the school’s business manager, has taken advantage of a government initiative to develop fish farming, and has constructed a lake with water feeding into the lake from a natural water course. We are eagerly awaiting the first occupants!

Other projects include soap making, growing and selling mushrooms and coffee, and keeping chickens so that eggs can be both eaten and sold. All of these projects – initiated and managed entirely by the school –  are really significant steps in the school’s move towards self-sufficiency and generating additional income streams. It’s wonderful to see.



coffee seedlings Kakunyu School Uganda

Serried ranks of coffee seedlings

coffee Kakunyu School, Uganda

Coffee seedlings at Kakunyu








mushrooms Kakunyu School, Uganda

The mushrooms grow from a seeded base

mushrooms Kakunyu School Uganda

Amir showing how the mushrooms are grown

mushrooms dry fast in the Kakunyu sun

Mushrooms dry fast in the Kakunyu sun

mushrooms Kakunyu School, Uganda

Mushrooms drying on the roof