Building at Kakunyu

We are all beside ourselves with excitement, as work continues at Kakunyu School (Down) to create one of our long-held dreams – a proper physiotherapy block where the disabled children can be helped in a clean, separate environment. We always hoped we’d be able to do this one day – but could never put a timescale on it – yet here it is, actually happening inĀ  2016, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Neil and Kate Miller.

The sketch shows the ideas for this area back in January 2016 (and, of course, there were ideas long before then) – and the pictures show the challenges of building foundations on the side of a steep hill, and the backbreaking work it is as everything – digging, laying concrete, soil infilling, EVERYTHING – is done by hand.

The physio block will have wonderful non-slip tiles – an absolute FIRST at the school, and means they will at last have a place that they can scrub clean. Our OT Trustee Rachel is more thrilled about this than she can possibly say! Jan, chair and founder of FroKS, is waiting to get her thrills when the guttering is installed, but then, she IS an engineer, and can’t help it.

Have a look at these photos and you too can revel in the excitement (click on the first picture to enlarge them)