April 2022 Update: School re-opens and heads for independence

We can’t thank all our supporters enough for continuing to support Kakunyu School throughout the difficult last 2 years. With their unwavering support, The Friends of Kakunyu School Charity (FroKS) has been able to keep all the teachers on half salary while the school has been closed, thus ensuring that the school was staffed and ready to open when life in Uganda returned to normal in March 2022.

We are aiming that the school will be independent from December 2022, and so it will no longer need our regular salary support from that date. 

FroKS will continue to provide salary support until then. We will also continue to support specific expenditure and projects at the school, as agreed with the School Management committee, until December 2022. The Charity’s Trustees will then wind up the FrOKS charity early in 2023.

The wonderful support we’ve had over the years has allowed this amazing school to thrive and grow as it has done, and we are so grateful.