The party!

The three of us bought cakes, buns, jam and drinks for the party, and the stage was set for a humdinger of a celebration. Benches, chairs and tables were set out under the giant Avocado tree, and everyone sat round the great feast.

party 4 speeches1 party 4 speeches2







We presented all the teachers, headteacher Madame Ritah, and Director Mary Kabiito with presents, to thank them for their hard work and support of Kakunyu.

Once the speeches were out of the way, the eating could begin – a sweet sticky bun covered in jam, taken with a fizzy drink, is a huge treat, and the children (and adults) just loved it.

And then, when everything was cleared away, the dancing started – and, my word, do they know how to dance!

party 3 dancing1 partydancing2