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Kakunyu School’s Project Wish List as of January 2017

Maintain the teachers’ salaries at the current level (£600 pm)

The Trustees continue to maintain the salary level at £600 per month, to pay staff salaries. We think this is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT items to fund and, with the help of our wonderfully generous donors, we are able to maintain this each month.

And what funds have helped us build in 2016!

Thanks to a wondrous donation from supporters (and how) Neil and Wendy Miller, we completed 3 amazing building projects in 2016.

Security wall round ‘Down’ – finished!11 perimeter wall

The need for better security and safety Down, where the boarders live and where everyone eats, is something we’ve become increasingly aware of as the number of children has grown. Work is now underway to erect a wall round the entire compound, so that everyone now living and working there will be protected.

Physiotherapy and Occupational Room (cum dining room / homework room) – finished!

Now this really is something very special! A clean, roomy space for Master Tom and others to work with the children with special needs has been built and what a place it is. Huge and airy, with a long-drop loo, shower and sink, it’s a lovely space to work with the most disabled pupils.What a difference this will make.

It will also be used as a common room for the boarders, who up till now have had nowhere to sit in the evenings and do their homework. We’re now looking at providing solar lighting in here so it becomes really useful – night falls at 7pm throught the year and it’s DARK.

AND it will be used as a classroom when not being used as for physiotherapy. The school Up is bulging at the seams, so this extra space will make things much easier for students and teachers.

AND it can be used as a dining room in the rainy season because when it rains, it REALLY rains. The students can be warm and dry while enjoying breakfast and lunch.

Garage – finished!

Airtel donated a car to the school after sponsoring developments to Mary’s house Down, and now there’s a safe place to keep it at the school (as opposed to Masaka where it’s being kept at the moment).

The school was also given a 3 wheel motor bike with trailer by Anne from the UK. It’s also been kept in Masaka, so now both car and bike are instantly accessible when needed.

So THANK YOU, Neil and Wendy – when are you going to visit and formally open this amazing room ??

Awaiting specific requests and/or estimates

As soon as we get a request for funds, we’ll put it up here on the website, and the Trustees will discuss how best to help.

There is always an ongoing need for more manpower – teachers as well as support staff.  Space is also a continuing challenge as more and more children come to school – space for learning, sleeping, physical exercises and storage is always under pressure. And, of course – the demand for ever more paper, pencils and pens, text books, exam papers grows and grows.  A good problem to have in many ways, as it’s a measure of the school’s success – but we seem constantly to  be running to catch up!

What happened to previous Wish Lists

  1. Physiotherapy block (cum dining area cum classroom cum common room). Completed!
  2. Perimeter wall around the Down compound. Completed!
  3. Garage for the donated Airtel car and bike with trailer. Completed!
  4. Teachers’ and staff salaries maintained at a total of £600 per month. Completed and ongoing!
  5. Instal solar power units for lighting in the boarding and kitchen area. Completed!
  6. Instal solar power units for lighting in the dormitory latrine block. Completed!
  7. Purchase of text books and the school now has enough for teaching.  Was completed – but as the school keeps growing, resources can’t keep pace – so ongoing
  8. Building of a new semi permanent classroom block, thanks to Douglas College and school fees. The roof, floor, doors and half constructed walls are of timber, and there are two classrooms. Completed!

How to support Kakunyu School through FroKS

Although some parents do pay school fees, the majority don’t. This is especially true of the parents of disabled children; most of the boarders are disabled and they are entirely supported by the school.  This means that the school is not self-funding and is never likely to be.

FroKS is the major stakeholder to the school and provides 95% of its funding. Our donors are passionate and generous, and we’re constantly looking ahead at ways through which we can go on helping the school for as long as possible.

Any amount, however small, REALLY does help, and every single penny goes to the school.  If you find one of those old fivers in your pocket and think – ooh, too grubby – send it over to us and we’ll make good use of it!

If you’d like to support Kakunyu School, you can donate very easily through Golden Giving, where you can use credit and debit cards as well as PayPal, and sign up for Gift Aid. Just click the button below to go through to our Golden Giving information page.

Do you shop online?

Give As You Live logoJust register with Give As You Live and shop! Loads of shops will donate a percentage of what you spend to a charity of your choice AND IT COSTS YOU NOTHING. Even if you don’t choose FroKS, do it for another charity – it’s a fabulous way to raise money for your chosen cause. Go to the FroKS page at Give As You Live.



If you’d rather not do it online

Donate regularly?

If you would like to help the children of Kakunyu School, the VERY BEST thing you could do would be to donate regularly.

Knowing what money is coming in each month means that they can budget properly. Just £5 a month – £60 a year – would make a huge difference. (As would a bit more, of course!)

At the moment, thanks to our wonderful regular supporters,  we are able to send £550 a month to the school, which is only used to pay the salaries of teachers and staff. FroKS also sends an extra £50 monthly from our capital reserves so that all the staff and teachers are paid the right rate for what they do, to help ensure the future of the school.

If you would like to donate regularly, please download the Friends of Kakunyu School Standing Order form here.

If you are a UK taxpayer and would like us to collect Gift Aid, please download the Friends of Kakunyu School Gift Aid declaration here.

Donate as a one-off?

As you can see from the above list, there are many projects on the schools’ wish-list. ANYTHING you could give us will really help them.

If you would like to send a cheque, please make it out to Friends of Kakunyu School, and send it to Friends of Kakunyu School, Rathmoy, Hare Lane, Little Kingshill, Bucks HP16 0EE.

If you are a UK taxpayer and would like us to collect Gift Aid, please download the Friends of Kakunyu School Gift Aid declaration here.

We cannot thank you enough for helping us to support Kakunyu school and the children.