Visit to Kakunyu School, October 2014

When Najjembe Jan visited Kakunyu School in October 2014, so much had happened since she was there in 2013. Her Kakunyu photos 2014 tell a big story!

  • The children now number 135 and overflow the 4 classrooms;
  • water flows – nay, GUSHES – from a tap while the underground water tank means the school AND the boarding area is pretty much self-sufficient in water, all year round;
  • maize, pumpkins, water melons and coffee seedlings are growing in the garden,  and mushrooms are grown and dried on the roof;
  • A marvellous truck, given to the school by a wonderful lady called Anne, has transformed the ability of the school to get children to health clinics when needed;
  • and Amir now has his own boda-boda, which makes getting to and from Masaka much easier (and safer).

Much remains to be done: but SO MUCH has been achieved, thanks to our FANTASTIC supporters. Thank you!

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