Kakunyu’s latest newsletter

Written on August 3, 2016 at 9:10 am, by patharper

You simply won’t believe how much has been going on since the last newsletter! You can read how 290 children have been helped over the last term, in many different ways: how the self-sufficiency aim is taking great leaps forward, with the tilapia (fish), coffee and poultry projects: how we’re thrilled we are to be working with the Australian charity Help Us Grow who, quite apart from having the wonderful acronym HUG, will be developing an Art Therapy project with a small group of students: and OF COURSE you can read more about the mega building projects happening Down (read the newsletter for an explanation of Up and Down!) – thanks to a fantastic donation from supporters Neil and Wendy Miller, we’re building a physiotherapy block, dining room/homework room and garage, as well as completing the security wall around the “Down” compound.

There’s much to enjoy this July! Download the newsletter from the left hand panel, under Latest Newsletter.

Physio block really taking shape!

Written on August 2, 2016 at 8:55 am, by patharper

The photos just received from Kakunyu show that the roof is almost complete. The first 2 photos are of the roof “trusses”  – doesn’t it give the essence of the construction! Once the roof is on it all looks wonderfully ordered and almost professional!
We have ordered the shutters, windows and doors, and will be moving on to the internal plastering shortly. The floor slab is almost there but not quite.
It’s starting to look like a proper building isn’t it? Fabulous stuff! (Taken word for word from an email from the Chair, Jan Lowe)

Building at Kakunyu

Written on July 22, 2016 at 6:42 pm, by patharper

We are all beside ourselves with excitement, as work continues at Kakunyu School (Down) to create one of our long-held dreams – a proper physiotherapy block where the disabled children can be helped in a clean, separate environment. We always hoped we’d be able to do this one day – but could never put a timescale on it – yet here it is, actually happening in  2016, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Neil and Kate Miller.

The sketch shows the ideas for this area back in January 2016 (and, of course, there were ideas long before then) – and the pictures show the challenges of building foundations on the side of a steep hill, and the backbreaking work it is as everything – digging, laying concrete, soil infilling, EVERYTHING – is done by hand.

The physio block will have wonderful non-slip tiles – an absolute FIRST at the school, and means they will at last have a place that they can scrub clean. Our OT Trustee Rachel is more thrilled about this than she can possibly say! Jan, chair and founder of FroKS, is waiting to get her thrills when the guttering is installed, but then, she IS an engineer, and can’t help it.

Have a look at these photos and you too can revel in the excitement (click on the first picture to enlarge them)

Fish (and soap, coffee, mushrooms and chickens) come to Kakunyu

Written on April 15, 2016 at 9:33 am, by patharper

fish pond Kakunyu

Digging the fish pond

Amir, the school’s business manager, has taken advantage of a government initiative to develop fish farming, and has constructed a lake with water feeding into the lake from a natural water course. We are eagerly awaiting the first occupants!

Other projects include soap making, growing and selling mushrooms and coffee, and keeping chickens so that eggs can be both eaten and sold. All of these projects – initiated and managed entirely by the school –  are really significant steps in the school’s move towards self-sufficiency and generating additional income streams. It’s wonderful to see.



coffee seedlings Kakunyu School Uganda

Serried ranks of coffee seedlings

coffee Kakunyu School, Uganda

Coffee seedlings at Kakunyu








mushrooms Kakunyu School, Uganda

The mushrooms grow from a seeded base

mushrooms Kakunyu School Uganda

Amir showing how the mushrooms are grown

mushrooms dry fast in the Kakunyu sun

Mushrooms dry fast in the Kakunyu sun

mushrooms Kakunyu School, Uganda

Mushrooms drying on the roof

Local company Airtel gets involved

Written on April 15, 2016 at 9:25 am, by patharper

Airtel carat Kakunyu schoolAirtel, a Ugandan mobile phone company, has recognised what the school is achieving and wished to help. They have renovated some of the buildings in the dormitory area of the school and also donated a new car for the school to use. This will be incredibly useful for the school as they continue to grow their business side, allowing them to transport their produce to Masaka town, as well as enabling them to take the children to hospital or other appointments safely.  What a FANTASTIC gift!

Mum Jan to visit Kakunyu

Written on November 3, 2015 at 6:28 pm, by patharper

Mum Najjembe Jan is to visit Kakunyu school later this month. Air Ethiopia has an ENORMOUS baggage allowance of up to 2 pieces per person, each with a maximum of 23 kg (50 lbs) – so that’s 46kg in total, each, for the two of them going!  Every single kg will be needed for all the items that have been collected. We’re hoping she might be able to write a blog while she’s there and, of course, she’ll be meeting up with Rachel and James. More anon!

Diapers delivered

Written on October 23, 2015 at 10:01 am, by patharper

Waterproof adjustable diaper - all are very colourful too

Waterproof adjustable diaper – all are very colourful too

Comfortable insert for the diaper

Comfortable insert for the diaper

Many of the children with special needs wear some sort of nappy. It’s very expensive to use disposable ones, and the disposal of them is also a real problem.  Rachel found a marvellous company in Kampala, Kijani (www.kijanionline.com) who could supply and deliver cloth diapers in a variety of sizes, all with removable waterproof inserts. The whole diaper can be washed, which makes it much more cost-effective, and the children wearing them will be much more comfortable. The order was delivered this week to Rachel in Masaka, so we cannot WAIT to hear what they’re like and (we SO hope) what a difference they’re making to the children and the teachers.


FroKS on the ground at Kakunyu!

Written on October 23, 2015 at 9:49 am, by patharper

Trustee Rachel, husband Stephen and almost every single member of Rachel’s family are visiting Kakunyu – they arrived last week for a couple of weeks. Read their super blog here – unbelievable, wonderful things are going on in Kakunyu!