Solivia was brought to Kakunyu School by a councillor in 2009, when she was 8. She had never been to school before but is a very bright little girl, and is already able to read English after only 1 year at school.

Solivia had polio when she was 2. Her parents took her to traditional healers, who could do nothing, and she was left  unable to walk. She gets around very quickly on her hands and knees, but it’s hard work, and going up and down the hill to school is very difficult for her. She probably could walk independently with crutches and calipers, but she hates them and won’t wear them. “if she liked them as much as she likes her books, she’d be asking us to put them on for her”, says Mary.

She comes from a very poor family who live about 30km from Kakunyu. Even to raise money to pay for a bus is difficult. She missed the summer term in 2010 because her parents couldn’t afford the school fees. Her parents are both alive, but Solivia lives with Mary Kabiito during term time; she doesn’t go home for holidays if her parents can’t afford to come and get her. Her parents have been able to pay only 10,000 shillings for her schooling, about £3.20, and a bar of soap

She loves reading books in Bugandan, and her favourite subject at school is Luzungu! (English). She wants to be a nurse when she grows up. Her favourite food is matoke.

2012 Update

We were thrilled to see that Sylivia does now use her caliper, so she can get up to the school and join in with the other students. It’s still a terribly hard journey for her, as she can’t bend the leg in the caliper  so the trip up the steep hill is very tough; but she is a very determined young lady and really enjoys being in the school with everyone else.