Mary Kabiito is the head teacher of Kakunyu, and is the extraordinary woman who, with Jan Lowe,  built the school at Kakunyu.

The school itself started in 2005 in 2 small rooms at the house of Mary and Moses, with 6 children, most with multiple disabilities and orphaned. The marvellous new school building opened in April 2010 and this year (2011) will welcome over 70 children, most with special needs.

Mary was one of the few women (normally men, as head of the family, are given the cows) offered a cow by the charity Send A Cow, because she had so many children to feed. Jan Lowe, an Ambassador for Send A Cow, met Mary when she went to Uganda with the charity, to visit some of the families who had a cow. While Jan was visiting Mary and her gorgeous cow, Mulingi, she noticed that the children were going down a steep hill every day to fetch water from the river, as there was no water at the house. She asked Mary if she, Jan, could fund a well for her. A well would have made a big difference to Mary’s life, but she said she really had no need for a well, but could they have a school instead? The outcome of that extraordinary conversation is there for all to see at Kukunyu.

Mary Kabiito is the Director of Kakunyu School and is a driving force in the planned expansion of the school.