Kimera Kosea, aged 8 or 9

Kosea at Kakunyu School, Uganda October 2010Kosea’s parents are both alive but separated and left him with a distant maternal aunt when he was 18months old. He stayed with her until 2006, when she brought him to Kakunyu School. He was very malnourished, with skin rashes all over his body; he was also very frightened and couldn’t speak at all.

Last year his real mother learned that he was at Kakunyu School, and was not pleased about it. A councillor brought her to see the school and when she saw it, and realised how happy he was, she was also very happy.

He lives with Mary Kabiito, and his mother now visits him once a year, usually in December during the holidays.

He has an intellectual disability and speech difficulties, but is improving all the time. He is now progressing and can read letters, and words with 2 syllables. His speech is also improving. He loves playing football with Paulo, and is an expert at spinning a tyre very fast.

His favourite food is Matoke, a food that looks like a green banana but which is cooked.