The Kakunyu School Story

Jan Lowe, Chair of Friends of Kakunyu School, was instrumental in getting the new school building built in 2010. As an Ambassador for Send a Cow, she’d visited Mary Kabiito in 2009, to see Mulungi the cow, and to see what a difference she had made to the family and school. Mary was running a tiny school at her house for 6 children with special needs, and wanted to help many more children.

Jan noticed that the children were having to go down a steep hill to fetch water from the springs a mile away, and then carry full, very heavy, jerry cans on their heads back up the hill. Jan asked Mary if she would like a well – to which Mary had replied that no, thank you, she didn’t need a well, but would really like a school…

The school today

That beautiful new school building was opened in 2010, and the school now has a headteacher, 6 teachers, 2 matrons, a porter, a cattle keeper and a security guard/poshu mingler, as well as an amazing 143 children (up from 87 in 2013) – a mix of nursery children and children with special educational needs. There are currently around 97 day scholars, 38 boarders, and 7 home-based students. Jan, family, friends and church have continued to support the school, and in 2013 decided to formalise that support by forming a charity. The Friends of Kakunyu School (FroKS) Charity finally came in to being on October 17th 2013!

Friends of Kakunyu School Trustees

Friends of Kakunyu School Trustees

The Friends of Kakunyu School (FroKS) Trustees

There are 4 Trustees, all of whom have visited Kakunyu more than once, and are passionate in supporting and sustaining this wonderful school and its community of children, teachers, and parents. The committee invited Jo Wetherall to be a Trustee in December 2015, and she’s now a big part of the team.

  • Jan Lowe, Chair – Buckinghamshire
  • Pat Harper – Wiltshire
  • Rachel Skett – Gloucestershire
  • Jo Wetherall – Gloucestershire

Would you like to help us? Or visit Kakunyu School?

If you would like to know more about FroKS or Kakunyu School, would like to help in ANY way (quite apart from fundraising, we need all sorts of skills to keep the charity effective, focussed and enthused), would like to become a Trustee, would like a talk about Kakunyu, or would like to visit the school – please contact us.